Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Foodbank?
A foodbank is a charity which provides food parcels to those who have a need.

Who can get a parcel?
Anyone who has a need who lives in the Okehampton area.

How many parcels can someone get?
The idea of the parcels is to help people in crisis and as such normally 3 parcels are provided but in special circumstances more can be provided.

How do I get a parcel?
Food parcels are provided via a voucher scheme. Vouchers are available from a wide range of sources - the CAB, Health Visitors, Room 13, Ministers of churches. In an emergency trained volunteers with the charity can issue parcels but we prefer to use local agencies.

Where do I get a parcel?
Food parcels are distributed during the drop-in session which runs every Friday at Okehampton Baptist Church. (see timings and find out where we are located here).

How can I donate?
We can accept food, cash and cheque donations. These can also be dropped off, paid direct to the bank, or paid online using a debit or credit card.
For more details see the Donations page.

How can I help?
Donations of food or money are always gratefully received - Donations



We also have a need for volunteers to assist with the Foodbank. Find out more by e-mailing us here